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Our Work

One of our main strengths is the abilty to shoot with small crews and to maintain agility and versatility ... all the time creating  aspirational imagery that breathes with authenticity.

Chris works closely with a select few DOP's shooting stills alongside the motion shoot to create integrated and cohesive campaigns across all media.



13 locations , 4 continents in 15 days Including shooting onboard a plane in hanger .. quite literally everywhere 'man'. An unforgettable shoot for many reasons ...


DOP : Tim Tregoning  

Agency: Clemenger BBDO

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Again a Chris Searl special of multiple countries in a short time frame .. This time shooting influencers in different locations around the world 'living in Levi's'.   Versatility and agility are key… and managing to keep the energy alive and achieve a considered performance from each individual talent resulting in an energetic fast paced campaign. One of a series, this idea was built on and rolled out globally.


DOP: Lachline Milne  

Agency: AKQA